Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Day 2014

Three days after Easter of this year and I'm listening to some inspirational music by Amy Grant.  It is her album, The Collection.  I look out my window and the evergreens and branches of the birches are gently blowing in a chilly spring breeze.  El Shaddai  El Shaddi  God of Light, You set Your children free.

How many can truly say that we are free?  I think of friends and family in genuine struggles of daily life.  The national and international news is discouraging and doesn't give a positive picture of where humanity is going forward.  What is it forward that we go to in our journeys?  Is it simply movement from a point in one place to a linear point down the time lines of our lives?

Count your blessings.  Accentuate the positive.  Are you able to do this under the crushing weight that life hands some of us?  A facebook meme states there always something to be grateful for.

Our local nursing home is closing in May in our small village.  It was endowed by a local philanthropist and now has been running in the red for years and the NY State Department of Health has signed off on closing it.  The few residents left must now find a bed available somewhere.  It is so terribly sad that these residents and their families cannot even find beds close to our area because there aren't openings.

Jesus....He'll never let you go...

Each one of these individuals is a human living spark with feelings.  They have family, friends, nursing home staff, who care about them.  

I spent a quiet day in my own home on Easter.  That day I listened to Amy Grant, Sandy Patti, and Aretha Franklin's early gospel music.  I had food for my body, as well as music and literature to feed my soul.  I could read my Bible without interruption and ponder the words of the Scripture writers, His Word.  This is my freedom.  Theses are my blessings.

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet....When I feel afraid, feel I've lost my way...You'll be there untill the end.  

Freedom?  Find it in your spiritual life and hope that humanity will be moving forward to a better day. Let us hope that the vulnerable, the innocent, the hurting, those with disease, the young and old, all who suffer can find freedom.  This is what discernment I find this Easter.

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