Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Speaking of crows: Watertown, NY

There has been much in our local Northern NY news lately about the problem of too many crows in Watertown, NY.  A city councilman, Joe Butler, has proposed a lethal means to rid the city of this scourge.  Other methods have been tried.  It has been termed "crow hazing," not to be confused with the fraternity type of hazing.  They have been a true scourge and I don't mean to find humor in the fact that large amounts of crow feces have been deposited on their local museum and other older Watertown landmarks.

My deceased father would probably agree with Mr. Butler on his proposed methods of getting rid of the crows.  Dad waged war with the starlings from the kitchen window with his rifle at times, so the less predatory birds would have access to the bird feeders.  I'm doubful this was legal, nor did he clear it with the Department of Conservation.  It was his way of protecting the cardinals, nut hatches, and other birds that he loved to watch at the feeder.

I am an admirer of crows and respect their innate street smarts and will to survive.  But we all know the saying about too much of a good thing.  Short of finding a combination crow whisperer Pied Piper type  to mesmerize the Watertown crow population, maybe Joe Butler's suggestion has merit. 

In my ideal world, someone would arrive on the scene who really understands crows, who can get inside their heads and know why they have chosen Watertown to multiply and roost and be a general nuisance.  I'm not that person.  Joe Butler isn't that person.  The person that could do that probably doesn't exist.  Crows, I send you a warning:  wise up and use your street smarts.  Someone may soon have you in their sights.  It won't be me.  You'll find me at a fast food place, throwing a few fries at the seagulls.


  1. Love it! There was a PBS Nature episode about crows a few years ago. They are very interesting birds. If only the crow experts who made that show could help out in Watertown.

    1. Thank you, Barb. I will look up the PBS Nature episode and find out if it's available.